Sabtu, 23 Januari 2016

Last Chance VS Second Chance

If you had given a second chance in your life, what would you do? 

Do you believe in second chances? I mean, when will you know that you were given a second chance in your life? For me, like I said before, YOLO - you live only once, so why do you have to wait for second chances? 

Even on the quote above was about IF... I always consider that IF is a condition no where. I mean... it is only on our mind. Nothing more..

Instead of asking if, why don't we do something? 

Do things now, as if this is our last chance to do them?
Stop saying that I will get a second chance someday. I will... Coz, there is no condition such as if you never do something right now. 

For intance, I love to watch American Idol auditions, yes, the auditions only. There were many contestants wannabe who were hoping to become one American Idol. From thousands, only 1 will be the winner. You know the odds right? 

Unless you do something really good and give it all - 110% some says, you won't make it to Hollywood, where there will be many more cut-off. 

Especially in this last season - Season 15. No more chances. If previously, the judges can say, try again next year, now??? 

No way. This is your last and only shot. If you don't bring it all, bubye baby...  

Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

16.1 What Is Your 2016 Word

To be honest, I am not a kind of man who like to make target of anything, now. Back then, I was. But then I slowly forgot it and never make one each year. 

But the challenge intrigue me to do so for this year. Well, if I have to choose, I would say: 

2016 is about re-inventing who I am. 

Like I said. I did a taeget before then forgot it and never did it. So hopefully with this, I can reinventing who I really am. 

Why Do I Choose Reinventing? 

Because I want to do better. No other reasons. I am on the loose lately. No where to go. No how to do. None. Everything seems to be lost somehow. 

Even if you ask who I am, I would probably said: I am who I am. But that's not answering the question right? The real question of everybody's life quest. 

Finding ourselves is the main project of who and why we are here. Like Finding Nemo movie. 

The father (I don't remember the name), searched all over the place and had the adventours of his life because he had one goal. Finding Nemo and bring him back 

Hopefully, I can reinventing myself this year and be the best that I could be. And, well, when my time come for the judgement day, I could say: "I am prooud to be who I was before."  

This is my answer for Blog English Club: what is your word for 2016 (

What is yours? 

Rabu, 06 Januari 2016


YOLO - You Live Only Once. 

I believe that many knows it. And some may already live their life to make it meaningful. So as they wouldn't regret anything at the end. 

But, some may like me. Goal-less life. Nothing seems to be matter enough. Everything achieved seems meaningless. I might sound ungrateful - contradict to the last post. But that is what I feel right now. 

Have you ever feel the same thing like I do? Please do share it here. Help me to YOLO my life. 

I tried to be the best I can. At work - of course. Bringing the best I can. But lately, I know that I wasn't. And everyone noticing that. 

There are so many things that weren't at their places. That weren't as I intented to. I know that I should not let anything control it. And I can do something. 

My mind seems to have it own way. Too much thinking, some say. Just let it. You are too worried. Worried about things that not even exist right now. Why? 

I wanted to laugh at that time coz I know they were right then. And they also right now. Well, I am just a confused man right now. 

Minggu, 13 Desember 2015

Enjoy Your Life

Is it hard to live this life? Your life? Many said that life is too hard to live on. Some said life is so easy to life on - as long as we enjoying life itself. 

So how to enjoying life? Espesially when we facing so many things - bad things - in our life? 

The drama could be taking over our mind, body and soul. And make us ended up with so many bad things running through our head. Like a running text during highlight news. 

I was lucky (perhaps am still lucky) having a journey like my life. Without me noticing, I had been given so many things  in my life. 

Things in Life

Things that I should have be grateful for. Every day, every hour. Every minutes and every seconds of my life. 

I have two arms and two legs that work perfectly while there are people who don't. I have a loving mother who cares about me and my brother and sister. While "A Child Called It" didn't. 

I have many things, apparently, that I really should be grateful for each day. Including having the new day coming every day. 

Down and Drowning

Well, lately I felt really down. And even felt drowning in this life. My lungs can't work properly. I can barely breathing each day without any support. 

Until one day, a man - an ordinary man - a masseur, said: 

We still have fingers that can bent, right? Let's celebrate it. 

I was stop in awe when he said it. Wowww. Never in my life I felt so ashamed like ever before. I felt that this person came into my life to punch me in the stocmach. 

To slap me on my chubby face. And it did! 

I realize that - I had been looking the other way around. I placed myself as a victim - even victim of my own life. My own decisions. 

How to Be Grateful? 

Thus, how am I going to be grateful of life given to me? If I always looking at the negative side of life events. 

I really should change my mind set. And remembering what he said: 

"Look above for what may come and what you want. But looking downwards to see how beautiful your place now." 

Thank you so much sir! You tought me so much on that one hour session. Osssh!!! I have to 


Hello... This Is My Journal

Well, I had been doing lot of thinking, whether to make a blog or not. I was confused what kind of blog I would create, what it is about etc. But then, out of nowhere, I was urged to create this blog. A journey... well, my journey, an Indonesian Chinese Man. 

My name is Ming Tjhie, I was born in Indonesia - Jakarta to be precise on February 24th. I was born in a not so-called middle class and also not so-called lower class. I mean, I always think my family as a one great family. 

We had everything for life, nothing more nothing less. We are all in good life. 
About Ming Tjhie

As you can tell from my name, Tjhie is actually my father's Chinese Name. Yes, we have the same family name as one of the richest man in Indonesia, who really love entrepreneurship. But no, we are not related except the name part. 

I don't know him except for his achievement and his big business on realty. That's all. I never met him in person, shake his hand or even dine with him. :D So, don't expect me to be a rich man like him and his family. 

Ming is my name, my Chinese name. You can call me Ming. 

Ming in Chinese handwriting consist of two character, the moon and the star. My mother said that my name means BRIGHT. As bright as the moon and the star in the night. Quite heavy right? I am one of those people who believed in name is something we need to guard. 

Well, I hope I really do become the bright on my family. 

I was born with one big brother and one big sister - the eldest. Yes, I am the youngest in my family, but that doesn't mean I am spoiled little brat. How can I be one if my mother worked and only came home once a month since I was 8? 

Yes, I grew in a family where a mother worked for the whole family. It was not because my father has passed away. No. But he didn't have a job - a good one - at that time to support the family. Was it painful for me seeing and experiencing that kind of thing? 

No, coz I know, every family has its own dirty little secret. 

My Journey

My journey, that's what came on my mind when I was thinking to do blogging. I read some of my friends' blog and I was really excited to make one. But what should I write? Hmmm... 

So, this is the journey of my life - An Indonesian Chinese Man. I mention Indonesian Chinese here, not to bring up the race issue, but only to show, this is who I am. I am Indonesian born Chinese. And I am happy and proud to be that one.