Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

16.1 What Is Your 2016 Word

To be honest, I am not a kind of man who like to make target of anything, now. Back then, I was. But then I slowly forgot it and never make one each year. 

But the challenge intrigue me to do so for this year. Well, if I have to choose, I would say: 

2016 is about re-inventing who I am. 

Like I said. I did a taeget before then forgot it and never did it. So hopefully with this, I can reinventing who I really am. 

Why Do I Choose Reinventing? 

Because I want to do better. No other reasons. I am on the loose lately. No where to go. No how to do. None. Everything seems to be lost somehow. 

Even if you ask who I am, I would probably said: I am who I am. But that's not answering the question right? The real question of everybody's life quest. 

Finding ourselves is the main project of who and why we are here. Like Finding Nemo movie. 

The father (I don't remember the name), searched all over the place and had the adventours of his life because he had one goal. Finding Nemo and bring him back 

Hopefully, I can reinventing myself this year and be the best that I could be. And, well, when my time come for the judgement day, I could say: "I am prooud to be who I was before."  

This is my answer for Blog English Club: what is your word for 2016 ( https://englishfriday.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/ef-challenge-16-1-new-year-new-word/

What is yours? 

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  1. Hallo Ming, salam kenal. Yes, that's true.. re-inventing ourselves is a good way to remind us of who we are and what our goals in life are. Funny how we can take lesson from Marlin :D and..oh how i love that movie Finding Nemo (i watched it over and over!)

    1. Thank you Arbiyanti...
      Now I want to watch the movie again.... hmmm where can I watch it?

    2. And can I conclude that reinvenring ourselves is also related to reinventing our life goal? Like your example, finding Nemo :D
      Our life goals are what make our life worth living and interesting, aren't they :D